Tax Strategies and Planning for Small to Medium Businesses

Self assessment returns

Whether you are a sole trader, a partner or director in a business, or a self employed sub-contractor, you are required to submit a self assessment online each year.

For many people it can seem daunting, and the ‘brown envelope syndrome’ kicks in. “It’s a brown envelope……so…….maybe I’ll deal with it later…… when I’m not too busy”

For many, the inevitable happens. The deadline is overlooked, and hmrc self assessment savage penalties automatically arise. Before long the self assessment tax amount owed is far greater than the original tax.

We’ll give you total peace of mind and take the pressure from you by dealing with your Self Assessment Tax Return for you each year.

We’ll simply ask you for all your receipts and invoices for your expenses and income (clients often bring them in a carrier bag or shoe box). We’ll then quickly work out your profit (or loss) and your tax liability and make sure your Self Assessment is submitted on time.

Quite often we are asked to deal with previous years that have been overlooked and where penalties have arisen. We are usually able to negotiate with HMRC to agree a payment plan.

We’re also very good at identifying situations where a tax refund may be due.

Do I need to submit a Self - assessment return?